Tadpole Member meets MP at State of the Nation Report

Tadpole Member meets MP at State of the Nation Report

Ashley Spires who is a Tadpole Member, travelled to Westminster to meet Mr Gwynne as part of a lobbying event organised by Diabetes UK to launch its State of the Nation 2015 report.

The report revealed that the poor state of diabetes healthcare in England is fuelling a major health crisis that is leading to record rates of complications, avoidable deaths and huge costs to the NHS. Ashley is urging Andrew Gwynne to write to the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt to ask how he plans to address the poor state of diabetes care and ensure that everyone with the condition has access to good quality care.

Diabetes UK is also calling on clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to put in place an action plan to improve healthcare for people living with diabetes in their communities and ensure people are supported to manage their condition effectively.

Ashley Spires said:

“I was delighted to meet with Andrew as it gave me the chance to raise my concerns about diabetes healthcare.

“Many people with diabetes are still not getting the recommended level of healthcare. This is leading to thousands of people with diabetes developing life threatening health complications such as blindness and amputations.

“This is why I have directly appealed to Mr Gwynne to help ensure that everyone with diabetes in Stockport gets the good quality healthcare that they need.

Andrew Gwynne MP said:

“It was really good to meet with Ashley to hear about his concerns about the delivery of diabetes care. Ashley made clear that the poor state of diabetes care is not only personally devastating for all those involved but is also leading to huge costs to the health service.

“The NHS is spending 10 billion a year on diabetes but this money is not being used effectively, which is clearly providing poor value for money for the taxpayer. I will be writing to the Health Secretary to urge him to set out how he intends to improve diabetes care. ”